Our mission

We are creating a distributed platform where producers, retailers, consumers and recyclers can identify and share digital information about their physical products in a quick, secure and transparent manner. Instead of trusting someone with your data, you retain ownership of the data you generate. You decide what and when you wish to share. For consumers we are creating a special app that links to this platform called CIRQR. More information about this app can be found here.

This platform also allows recyclers to efficiently sort and process waste by informing them of product and material contents and advanced forecasting.


We live on a planet with finite resources and we should stop wasting valuable materials. See how our label enables others to capture valuable parts and materials from electronic waste.

Who we are

We are Circularise, a startup founded with a strong belief that change can only happen if every stakeholder benefits. Together, let's envision a future where information is shared securely and waste does not exist.

We are funded by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) Raw materials. We are also supported by EIT Digital and the Yes!Delft incubator. If you would like to know more about any of our partners please click one of the links below.

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